Renovation work started at Ayo Rock Formation

ORANJESTAD - On Monday, May 31, 2021, the renovation of the Ayo Rock Formation was announced during a press conference.

Start renovation work at Ayo Rock Formation.The renovation work will transform the Ayo Rock Formation once more into an attraction for tourists and locals. Last year, during the pandemic, the Government decided to focus on the project “Aruba’s Outdoor Amenity Economy” which includes new recreations and creative economic activities around the natural, social and monumental heritage in Aruba. A commission was formed consisting of other ministries and was tasked to come up with ideas and proposals.  

These activities and outdoor developments are recommended nowadays and are healthier for the community and visitors. The Ayo renovation is the first of many. The Ayo Rock Formation is a geological and historic treasure that Aruba has to offer as a leisure location as well as an educational site for those interested in the history of the indigenous tribes that walked those grounds in the past.

Art and Souvenir Gallery named “Cosecha- Made in Aruba”.Art and Souvenir Gallery named “Cosecha- Made in Aruba”.Phase one, two, and three

The first phase of the renovation project includes the renovation of the surrounding stone wall, the renovation of the visitor huts, and the restrooms.

Phase two includes the renovation of the entrance and extra parking space. The walkway will also undergo renovations making it accessible to wheelchair users.

Start renovation work at Ayo Rock Formation.Minister Dangui Oduber and the ATA team are responsible for the creation of the new information signs. Phase two will also include the construction of the Art and Souvenir Gallery named “Cosecha- Made in Aruba”. This will become a showcase where crafts, handmade souvenirs, and locally created music will be sold exclusively. The idea is to provide local artisans and artists a fair opportunity at each of the renovated patrimony locations to sell their creations.

Ronavatie Ayo DOWThe team of Minister Xiomara Maduro and the Department of Culture will have information sessions to encourage the local artisans and all others interested to start a creative career. The creative options related to the Ayo Rock Formation are limitless and so are the opportunities for each patrimony site.

Phase 3 includes landscaping, more plants will be added and a botanical garden will be created with native plants. The Ayo Rock Formation will not only be a historic site but also a botanical location that will enhance the rock drawings that can be seen in the cave at Ayo.

According to the Prime Minister, Ayo Park will become an attraction for both tourists and locals. “Think about how our school children can visit the Ayo park and learn about the indigenous history and our nature. At the same time, it expands and establishes an artistic industry for Aruba because tourists will purchase souvenirs made in Aruba and give locals more locations where they can buy Aruba-made products; mosaic art, painting, jewelry and accessories, candles, showpieces, t-shirts, soap, and creams. There is plenty of artistic potential in Aruba and this is the way to stimulate and support this sector”, she stated.

Ronavatie Ayo DOW  

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