Restart school vaccination campaign

ORANJESTAD - The COVID-19 pandemic caused schools to shut down, and halted the age-based vaccination program.

Since the recent restart of schools in Aruba just before the upcoming school vacation, the Youth Healthcare Section will continue the vaccination program for those who have not received their vaccination yet. The Youth Healthcare Section of the Department of Public Health is responsible for the vaccination of all children.

Parents are kindly urged to send their children to school on the dates that the Youth Healthcare Section’s nurse will be visiting the schools.

School vaccination will be taking place between June 8 to June 19 for children of kindergarten and elementary schools that have not received their age-related vaccine yet according to the vaccination schedule in Aruba, while 6th-grade girls will receive the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine. Each school will notify the parents in the event their children are missing the latest vaccine and when these will be administered at each school. All the children that will be vaccinated have the consent of their parents.

School vaccination

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