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ORANJESTAD - Recently the Prime Minister of Aruba, mr. Evelyn Wever-Croes announced that the Government’s Organization policy, one of the tasks resorting under her ministry, had positive results in 2020.

The government’s Organization encompasses the activities/regular jobs concerning the “Policy plan to reduce personnel costs” (BVP).

In 2020, the Government mitigated the amount of new personnel that was hired by the Government, limit the number of replacements for those who retired, reduced the non-active Government personnel, addressed the overtime issue as well as the sick leave issue. All these efforts lead to positive results.

The personnel expenses for 2020 were reduced from 475 million on January 1, 2020, to 427 million by the end of December 2020. That is a reduction of 48 million which represents 10%.

In 2020, 63 policy-advises were implemented. The Department of Human Resources DRH also upped their organization as well as controls to improve the quality of service. Additionally, they realized many E-Government projects like the digitalization of the processes including forms that are available online to the public.

In 2020 social distancing lead to many changes in the way we work. It was the opportune moment for departments to update their way of working.

For what concerns the amount of personnel, a total of 142 public workers no longer are employed by the Government. 5% passed away, 9% were fired for disciplinary reasons, 17% left after serving their contractual term, 17% took the voluntary resignation VUT, 23% retired while 28% resigned.

The Government is aiming to reduce the amount of non-active personnel to zero.

Before January 2020, the amount of non-active personnel 27 and by December 2020 this was slightly reduced to 18.

9 of the remaining 18 non-active public workers were allocated in one of the Crisis Team’s Taskforces, leaving only 9 others still in the non-active group. For 5 of these cases, it is difficult to find proper allocation. These numbers illustrate that at the beginning of the Wever-Croes administration, there were 82 non-active public workers in the so-called “redundancy pool”, and today it has been reduced to only 9, representing a reduction of 89%. 

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