Sahara dust and its effect on your health

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 23-07-2020.

ORANJESTAD - The Meteorology Department of Aruba recently released a press statement about the natural occurrence known as “Sahara Dust” and how this phenomenon can affect the atmosphere.

This phenomenon is not new as it happens multiple times a year where the Sahara Dessert dust plume gets blown into our region. According to the Meteorology Department, this season’s dust level is considerably higher than normal and causes severe complaints. With the arrival of the dust, there has been an increase in respiratory-related complaints. Those who suffer from respiratory illnesses like bronchitis, allergy, or sinus can notice an increase in their symptoms like difficulty breathing, chest pressure, coughing, itching of skin, and eyes. The Sahara dust also causes hotter temperatures and people are recommended to drink more liquids during the day to keep hydrated.

The Department of Public Health urges everyone suffering from any respiratory condition to have their medications on hand at all times and to take these according to the prescription.

Clean with more frequency, since the dust penetrates homes, rooms, and offices despite being closed. Avoid outdoor physical activities these days and if your symptoms become worst contact your family physician.

Sahara Dessert dust plume in Santa Cruz, Aruba

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