School vaccination campaign

ORANJESTAD - The annual school vaccination campaign has started.

The Section Youth Healthcare (JGZ) of the Department of Public Health (DVG), is currently visiting all elementary, primary, and special schools, providing the vaccines to those required according to the national vaccination program.

Vaccination During this ongoing pandemic, it is important to keep the children up to date with their vaccinations, in order to avoid certain types of diseases to re-emerge. The vaccine is the DKTP vaccine, which protects against Diphtheria, Whooping Cough, Tetanus, and Polio. The MMR vaccine protects against Mumps Disease, Measles, and Rubella. They also administer the HPV vaccine against the Human Papilloma Virus which causes cervical cancer.

Five groups of children qualify for one or more vaccines:

Group Vaccine
Elementary school children born up to 2015 DKTP / MMR
Primary school children in grade 1 DKTP / MMR
Primary school children in grade 5 DKTP / MMR
Special education children born in 2010 DKTP / MMR
Primary & Special school girls in grade 6  HPV

School vaccination campagneParents of children in the above-mentioned groups will receive a notification through school in the event their child is missing a vaccine, according to the registration of the DVG. The missing vaccine will be specified in the letter and the DVG asks for parental consent to administer their child with the missing vaccine at school. Parents who have the yellow vaccination booklet can send this together with the notification letter for the DVG to register the acquired vaccine. Parents who no longer have the yellow vaccine booklet will receive another form of vaccination proof.

The Youth Healthcare Section together with the DVG works together with the White Yellow Cross and has every child’s vaccination record to ensure that all children in Aruba are protected. Every child has the right to grow and develop in good health. The care and protection of children is our responsibility. Let’s make sure all children in Aruba are vaccinated.

For more information please contact the Youth Healthcare Section at 522-4200 or by email  or like and follow the Department of Public Health on Facebook for the latest updates.

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