Social Formation Program (SVT) starts on February 25, 2020

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ORANJESTAD - The next Social Formation Program, (new group SVT 13) starts on February 25,  2020 and registration is open.

Logo Social Formation ProgramAd Social Formation ProgramThe SVT was originally intended for young boys who did not complete secondary education yet want a second opportunity in life. The Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, Mr. Glenbert Croes became aware of the fact that many young boys do have a MAVO diploma, but are still struggling to find a job. Based on these findings and with the approval of LT. Colonel van Beekhuizen and LT. Kelly of Arumil, they agreed that those with a diploma can also enlist and take part in the personal transformation with SVT. Those with a secondary education diploma can also join the Arumil once they complete the Social Formation Trajectory and meet the Arumil requirements.

A project similar to SVT for young girls is being worked on by the Minister, the Dutch Marines and Arumil. Once this is complete, it will be announced officially.

To register, please contact Jessica Ras at 5225352 or by email

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