Social Psychiatric Service launched its Fact team

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ORANJESTAD – On September 20, 2019, the Social Psychiatric Service officially launched the Fact team project.

Ad Fact teamThe Fact team is a unit of the Social Psychiatric Service that falls under the Department of Public Health.

Launch Fact team of the Social Psychiatric ServiceNow the public can call the central helpdesk 24 hours per day 7 days a week to report cases of persons that suffer from mental health disorders of addiction problems. The office of the Fact team is located at the ex-government auxiliary building in Santa Cruz. The telephone number for crisis or emergency cases is 5856990  and the tip line is 5224343.

Fact team is a team that makes housecalls to persons who suffer from mental health issues and/ or addiction. If the situation is critical the person will be admitted to Respaldo. In the case of an addict, the person will get treatment. If the person suffers from both illnesses the Fact team will choose the most serious one to deal with it. Fact team is part of a policy of integration  of psychiatry and addiction care and is also part of the Social Crisis Plan.

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