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ORANJESTAD - The Minister of Economic Affairs, Communications, and Sustainable Development, Mr. Geoffrey Wever, announced the start of the "My finances at home" project in Paradera coming November.

The objective is to guide people in managing their household budgets and making the right financial decisions.

Start project 'My finances at home'The Plan di Bida Foundation developed the "My finances at home" project. The mission and vision of the Fundacion Plan di Bida's President, Mrs. Paloma Osorio - Tromp, is to create awareness in the community and offer help and guidance on managing finances at home more effectively.

Recent research by the Central Bank of Aruba shows that three out of ten households in Arubaspend more than they make. This development is of great concern for the Central Bank since these households have challenges with their financial obligations, like paying rent, food, and loans every month. Consumers need to know the impact of each financial decision on our wallets and our household.

Together with Fundacion Plan di Bida, they will offer courses as support to the people. The course consists of 4 sessions and focuses on how to manage daily finances.

These four sessions are:

  • Session 1: I am effective in my home. How can I save and buy without emotions?;
  • Session 2: I pay my debts. What happens when I don't pay my debts?;
  • Session 3: I invest in the future. Our future and the future of our kids are important as to how we reach our goals;
  • Session 4: My budget. What are luxury and priority? How do I budget based on my income and reach my goals?

Each participant will receive a certificate upon completion of the course.

Minister Geoffrey Wever wants to invite everyone who wants to participate in this course. Registration is free but limited. For more information and registration, contact Fundacion Plan di Bida at 5688848 or email

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