Successful Caribbean Financial Task Force CFATF evaluation of Aruba

ORANJESTAD - The Caribbean Financial Task Force CFATF recently gave a successful evaluation of the integrity of Aruba's financial system. 

Minister of Finance and Culture Xiomara Maduro and Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes. Aruba scored second best in the Caribbean for the integrity of its financial system. Finance Minister Xiomara Maduro stated that this is a great achievement for Aruba and sends a clear signal to investors that their investment in Aruba is secured with a financial sector with integrity. The CFATF evaluation also gives financial institutions the confidence to count on the corresponding banking facility for international payments.

The Government of Aruba has been preparing since 2018 for the CFATF evaluation, that took place in August 2021. The team under the leadership of Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes started to collect information and details for the successful evaluation process of the CFATF. They met with different stakeholders to ensure that all the essential partners in the evaluation of Aruba are well informed and on the same page to make sure that the CFATF evaluation team has access to all relevant and to-the-point information. Their teamwork led to a successful evaluation.

Aruban Steering Group (anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing) led by Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes. "We can be very proud of the professional team in Aruba who did outstanding work behind the scenes to secure the integrity of our financial system", the minister stated.

Minister Maduro is grateful to all departments that are part of the anti-money laundering chain in Aruba. The departments are the Financial Intelligence Unit, Public Prosecutor, Police Department, the National Central Bureau for Counterterrorism, Security and Interpol (NCTVI), Central Bank of Aruba, Aruba Customs, Department of Legal Affairs and Legislation, Tax Department, Department of Economics, VDA and all other stakeholders who worked tirelessly to achieve this success.

Minister Maduro thanks in particular the Secretariat of the CFATF Aruba, Mr. George Croes, Mr. Marcel 't Mannetje, and Mr. Gino Giel for their tireless effort in preparing and coordinating the entire evaluation of the CFATF for Aruba.  

The evaluation report is available at or

Evaluation report Caribbean Financial Task Force (CFATF).

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