Successful webinar hosted by Aruba for Caribbean merchants

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ORANJESTAD – On January 212021, a successful webinar was held for Caribbean merchants about doing business in Aruba.

The Department of Economic Affairs, Commerce and Industry (DEACI) and the Aruba Chamber of Commerce, and the Freezone Aruba NV, held a presentation on the many business and investment opportunities in Aruba. This webinar was co-organized with the Caribbean Export Development Agency.

A record amount of participants
Webinar held on January 21, 2021 for Caribbean merchants about doing business in Aruba.The Caribbean Export Development Agency is a prominent organization in the Caribbean region with an ample network of merchants eager to do business in the region. This was obvious based on the interest and amount of participants in this webinar. Thanks to the network of the Caribbean Export Development Agency, this webinar titled “Aruba: Untapped Opportunities Next Door” had a record amount of 115 participants who showed interest in Exporting to Aruba, seek partnership and invest in Aruba.

Aruba Trade Board (ATB)
During the webinar, the national commerce and investment platform, namely the Aruba Trade Board (ATB), made a professional presentation about Aruba. The ATB, led by the DEACI consists of members of the public and private sector with the expertise and knowledge of international business and investments like the Department of Foreign Affairs (DBB), Aruba Chamber of Commerce (KvK), Aruba Trade and Industry Association (ATIA) and the FreeZone Aruba NV (FZA).

Lots of interest for cooperation
Mrs. Rena Rahaman, Market Development Manager of Carib Brewery Ltd., a company in the Caribbean region, gave a presentation that confirms the professionalism of the commercial sector in Aruba. This presentation led to a great number of questions and business propositions that the ATB will address. This to contribute to the economic development in Aruba, now a higher priority than ever in this recovery year.

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