Supervision and enforcement of the childcare policy are necessary.

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 22-10-2022.

ORANJESTAD - During the recently organized information evening about the Childcare Act, Ms. Sue-Ann Ras indicated that enforcement and supervision are the main challenges for implementing the national ordinance on childcare.

A regulatory handbook is ineffective if not enforced and supervised. Therefore, centralized and coordinated control is needed to ensure better daycare facilities. The participants at the information evening discussed supervision and enforcement at the childcare centers. This supervision and enforcement will start this year if everything goes according to plan.

Presentation first daycare regulation manual. Presentation first daycare regulation manual. The Department of Child and Youth (DMH)  will centrally coordinate the supervision.  It will take place in an integrated manner with various stakeholders such as the DVG, DTI, Fire Brigade, DOW, and DIP so that they can carry out enforcement based on their respective responsibilities per the Childcare Quality Requirements Manual.

It is not the intention to close childcare centers but to provide them a transition period and guidance to improve where necessary and keep these improvements standard.

Another discussed topic was the implementation of the Protection Code for daycare centers. 76 daycare centers completed this course. DMH will ensure that the implementation plan is drawn up so that all daycare centers know who their respective "Code Supervisor" is, when to address them and what steps to take in suspicions of child abuse.

Presentation first daycare regulation manual. Presentation first daycare regulation manual. AHATA was invited as a special guest for this information evening as the DMH and AHATA have big plans for the Daycare Centers. Mrs. Carolina Raven-Merryweather spoke about the intentions of local companies that can each adopt a daycare center so that their personnel's children have a place to stay during working hours.

On the other hand, one can look at the possibilities of buying a "children's place" for their employees from the daycare centers that meet the basic requirements of the manual. This initiative arose after a conversation with various organizations, which revealed that the companies have difficulty finding staff in the evenings because the employees do not have childcare facilities for their children.

This committee approached the daycare centers to ask them questions about this issue. At the end of the information evening, the daycare centers were allowed to speak out and ask questions. The centers support the national ordinance but need a transition period to work at the same level.

The DMH is pleased with the participation of 54 nurseries that attended this information evening. The daycare centers must submit several documents to obtain the initial license to operate a childcare center. The children's centers are supportive of the Childcare national ordinance's introduction.

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