Survey on single-use plastic and environmentally hazardous products

ORANJESTAD - The Department of Nature and Environment DNM is surveying the use of plastics considered single-use plastic products.

In 2019, the law was approved to ban all products hazardous to the environment (AB 2019no.67). The law became effective on July 1, 2020. The DNM needs to collect data to be able to evaluate the introduction of the law, to create awareness effectively, and to evaluate the effectiveness of the law itself. That is why the DNM is inviting everyone to participate in the survey. The survey is bilingual, in English and Papiamento. Please select the language of choice: for Papiamento for English

Some of the included topics in the survey are related to the environment, namely: climate change, plastic waste, pollution, food waste, the use of reusable bags, and many other topics. The survey also includes human behavior, which kind of products are purchased, and which plastic products are used in daily life.

The DNM urges everyone to read the new law called “ban of products hazardous to the environment (AB2019no.67), to make the necessary changes and to make a difference.

The DNM expects island-wide participation with the survey, so feel free to share the link with as many of your friends.

Ad survey on single use plastic and environmental hazardous products

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