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ORANJESTAD - Based on the current economic model, our planet cannot regenerate and provide more raw material to cover the human’s demands. The current business model of extracting, producing, and disposing of is considered a linear economy. 

Circular economyIn order to guarantee the supply of raw material for food, housing, and other necessities, it is essential to convert the linear economy to a circular economy. The principle of the circular economy implies a more responsible way of using raw materials, like reusing and recycling, minimizing pollution, and eliminating waste instead of the “take-make-dispose” step-by-step plan of a linear economy. This principle is derived from the international foundation “The Ellen Mc Arthur Foundation”. Aruba has its own local platform of Circular Economy (CEAruba) where the community can learn, share, and discuss topics about Circular Economy in Aruba. By doing this, we create a more sustainable environment and a healthy economic environment for Aruba while using the principles of CE.

The platform is a movement consisting of the director of the DNM and volunteers from all sorts of backgrounds like the University of Aruba, private companies, public employees, and NGO’s. The survey was created with the help of the DNM to collect useful data to stimulate a circular economy, in other words, a more flexible economy that can quickly adapt to changes, it should be resilient. All participants wish to assist businesses in practicing circular economy in order to transition the current model into a circular economy in the nearby future. Implementing the CE principles will create more opportunities for Aruba to reach a waste reduction of imported goods while developing a new economic sector. Expanding and diversifying Aruba’s economic sector can help stimulate the community’s creativity and become resilient for drastic and sudden changes in the economy and situations in the environment that can affect our future.

Circular Economy Baseline 2020The members of this platform are calling businesses to complete the digital survey in order to get a baseline study to identify the number of businesses that are considering or practicing the principles of circular economy in their businesses.

Please take the survey here

Now that many are rethinking how they will invest capital more effectively should also rethink the what kind of businesses are more sustainable. The idea is for individuals to help each other to help reduce waste that can be new resources for others.

A few ideas include: reusing water, reusing wood, using fewer materials while increasing benefits, lease offers, refurbishing, repairing, reselling, etc. Complete the survey so we know who is doing what.

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This survey is specifically for businesses.

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