SVb announces changes for sickness notice and medical control

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 24-04-2020.

ORANJESTAD - The Social Insurance bank SVb has adjusted its policy for sickness notification and medical controls to protect other clients and the employees of the SVb.

Starting March 24, 2020, the Svb will no longer see any of its insured clients that need to undergo the medical control in person at any of their locations, neither in San Nicolas, Eagleand Sun Plaza. All insured persons that have to report for sick leave will have to call 527-2782 .

Due to the high volume of incoming calls, they have extended the calling times to afternoon as well.

Insured persons that have to be quarantined need to notify the Svb about this and tell them that the quarantine was instructed by the Department of health (DVG). Once an insured person from the private sector is put under quarantine by the DVG, they have to report this immediately by calling 527-2782. This person should be able to proof that he or she was put in quarantine by the DVG. Instructions will be provided by the operator of the Svb when calling.

Once the insured employee call the SVb, the Svb will grant approve a certain amount of sick leave days. Once these approved days are over, he oir she can go back straight to work and don’t need to notify the SVb. Only if the insured person does still not feel good enough, he or she should notify the Svb and will receive new instructions from the SVb.

Public workers (civil servants) that need to call in sick with flu like symptoms like, cough, shortness of breath and fever do not have to call in sick, they will be granted BVVD (exemption from work due to extraordinary circumstances) by their employer.

All insured persons with any symptoms different from the COVID-19 have the obligation to report this to the Svb by calling 527-2782. Online sickness notification is no longer available until further notice. The amount of sick leave days will be granted by phone and a date will be given when they should go for their medical control. Due to the changes in policy by the SVb, the doctors will see the patients exclusively by appointment. All persons that have to go to the Svb for their medical control, must abide by the social distancing and hygiene protocols. The SVb urges companies to also abide by these protocols to protect their employees.

Frequently wash hands with soap and water and use hand sanitizers with a concentration of alcohol of 60% or more to avoid the spreading of any virus.

All patients who have a chronic medical condition like Cancer, HIV and have an appointment pending, will receive a notification from their SVb doctor. Be advised that the SVb will not provide any letter stating that the person is at higher risk to COVID-19 due to any chronic health condition.

More information is available on and Facebook page.

The SVb urges the community to follow the instructions provided by the Government in order to prevent the spreading of the Coronavirus.

Stop spreading it, let's prevent the circulation of the Coronavirus. It all starts with you!

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