SVb: application for the July 2020 salary subsidy starts July 20, 2020

ORANJESTAD – The SVb announced that the application of the salary subsidy for July 2020 will start on Monday, July 20, 2020.

Everyone who qualifies for the application for the salary subsidy will receive a notification from the Svb and once this is received, the application can be completed on the MiSVb portal. The deadline for the application for July 2020, is July 26, 2020.

Requirements for salary subsidy July 2020:

  1. The business has been affected negatively due to COVID-19
  2. The company anticipates a minimum of 25% loss during the subsidy month.
  3. The company is not allowed to lay-off any employees for social-economic reasons
  4. The company agrees to pay a minimum of 60% to the employee’s salary
  5. The company and all employees are registered at the Svb on March 15, 2020
  6. The company is registered at the Tax Department and has a tax number
  7. The company complies with tax payments and social premiums for the corresponding month in which the subsidy is requested.
  8. The company should apply for the subsidy.
  9. The company agrees with its employees on a reduced workload that can vary from 0% to a maximum of 40%

The SVb reminds all employers applying for the salary subsidy for July, that they should have paid all the premiums and social insurances for the months May and June 2020. The SVb refers to the premiums of AZV, AOV/AWW, general pension of each employee, and ZV/OV. The employer has to pay all these premiums.

Employers should also consider the following requirements when applying:

  • The form which needs to be signed by each employee is available online on the MiSVb portal. This is the only official application form that is accepted by the SVb;
  • Employers and employees need to sign the form including the agreed percentage reduction of the job scope (min. 0% and max. 40%);
  • All salary subsidy application related documents should be uploaded on MiSVb in a single file. The SVb does not accept documents send by email;
  • Once the form signed by the employer and employee is uploaded, the application form can be completed;
  • Once the application form is completed this should be sent by clicking “ENTREGA PETICION”;
  • The employer will receive a confirmation notification that the application was sent;
  • Changes are not possible once the application is completed. Employers should take their time and complete the forms and make sure to upload the form with all the employees' signatures in one document (one file);

Payments of the salary subsidy for July 2020 by the Svb will start on July 29, 2020. Each employer is responsible to verify that the payments have been received accordingly on their bank account provided to the SVb.

For more information related to the application procedure for the salary subsidy and any other related information please contact the Service Center by email: or visit

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