Syntropic Agroforestry Campaign to instill the value of the primary sector in Elementary Schools

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 30-11-2023.

ORANJESTAD - The Ministry of Nature is launching a pilot project inviting elementary schools to register and have the opportunity to create a plantation in the form of syntropic agroforestry.

What is syntropic agroforestry?

Syntropic agroforestry is the intentional integration of trees into crop and animal farming systems to create environmental, economic, and social benefits.

Syntropic AgroforestryIt aims to educate the next generation about the value of sustainable agriculture while promoting an interest in the primary sector. Children will learn about sustainable agriculture, using agroforestry techniques to improve soil quality and eliminate the need for pesticides.

Schools can register via the following link until November 15, 2023. The ministry sent a more detailed letter about the syntropic agroforestry project to the schools' management. They will select ten schools based on specific criteria such as motivation, available land with access to water and electricity, and the commitment of the schools.

Aruba faces challenges because of its dependence on imports, making the population vulnerable to external influences beyond our control. Recent economic changes and increased living costs have initiated discussions about the importance of food security.

The Ministry of Nature is working with Santa Rosa and Living Soil to provide schools with guidance and support materials for creating tree plantations on their premises. Additionally, school staff and volunteers will receive training on agroforestry techniques, maintenance, and care of the tree plantation, as well as its integration into the school curriculum.

The implementation of the project starts in January 2024.

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