Tax consultants can submit clients list to pick up profit tax 2019 package

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ORANJESTAD – The Tax Department is getting ready to distribute the profit tax 2019 package.

To work more efficiently, the Tax Department is providing tax consultants or administration agencies the opportunity to receive their clients profit tax package for 2019, only if they request these in time by email and meet the required conditions.

Distribution procedure for tax consultants:

This extra service is only for tax consultants with 10 clients or more.

  • Send clients list to;
  • The list should include each client’s social security number, name, address, e-mail, type of tax. The list should be send in the MS Excel file format. This MS Excel file can be requested by email or downloaded on;
  • Deadline to submit the list is April 24, 2020. New lists will not be processed after this date;
  • A notification email will be send once the package is ready for pick up;
  • Each client is responsible for their tax package and under no circumstances, duplicates will be provided if the original has been already given to a tax consultant;
  • The last date to pick up the tax package is May 4, 2020. After this date all package will be send by mail.

Deadline for submission of complete declaration

The submission of the profit tax deadline of May 31, 2020 has been moved to November 30, 2020. Companies that have a financial year that does not coincide with the calendar year will also receive the extension of six months. This extension is part of the fiscal relief plan 2020 and is not valid for financial institutions like banks and or insurance companies.

Those who are ready to file their 2019 profit taxes do not have to wait, but can submit this online on, click on the tab “digitale formulieren” and “Aangifte in PDF formaat indienen” followed by the corresponding payment using your banks “Bill Payment”.

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