Tax Department booked 519 million florins in income destined for other entities for the first half of 2023

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 24-09-2023.

ORANJESTAD – The Tax Department informs that it registered 519 million florins in income for the first half of 2023 (January to June) from tourist tax, AOV/AWW, and AZV premiums, ground leases, and from DIMAS permits income. This income is destined for other entities, like ATA, TPEF, SVB, AZV, DIP, and DIMAS.

DIMP BuildingIncome compared to 2022 

In the same period as 2022, the income totaled 469 million florins, which entails an increase of 11%

Below is an overview of the numbers:

(Rounded amounts)

Income 2023 
January - June

Income 2022 
January - June

Ground lease 16 million 15 million
Retributions DIMAS 0.3 million 0.4 million
Stamps DIMAS 3 million 1 million
Premiums SVB 172 million 159 million
Premiums AZV 141 million 132 million
BAZV 127 million 109 million
Tourist tax ATA 58 million 51 million
Tourist tax TPEF 2 million 2 million
Total 519 million 469 million

Factors that play a vital role

This income depends on Aruba’s economic development. These numbers also clearly show the effects of Aruba’s tourism and economic recovery numbers.

Another factor is the Tax Department’s hard work to improve compliance and the fiscal changes that took place effective January 1, 2023. The Tax Department’s staff and personnel are doing their utmost efforts to facilitate taxpayers to comply with their fiscal obligations. The ultimate goal is for all taxpayers to be aware of their tax duties and to comply on time to prevent additional fines or interest.

As Aruban citizens, we must comply with our responsibility to declare and pay our taxes for the well-being of us and our country. This way other entities like SVb can pay old age and orphan pensions, AZV can cover our medical costs, ATA can market product Aruba internationally, and TPEF can beautify the product Aruba locally. Finally to comply with your taxes is to comply with our Country.

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