Test only for Covid when symptomatic

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ORANJESTAD – The Department for Public Health (DVG) noticed an increase in the number of people getting tested at the LabHOH Test Center while being in quarantine or close contact with an infected person while they have not shown any symptoms.

Symptoms COVID-19The DVG explained on multiple occasions that testing without symptoms is useless. If the infected person does not have enough of the covid virus in its system, their test will come out negative, while a few days later, the symptoms occur, and a new test is needed again.

The PCR tests at the LabHOH are not free. The AZV pays these tests from the healthcare funds of the insurance. It is essential for the community and the AZV not to drain its funds with inefficient testing. The DVG urges the community once more not to get a test just for being in quarantine or contact with an infected person. Only solicit a PCR test at the LabHOH when you have symptoms or after testing positive with a self-test.

Solicit a test when you have one or more of the following symptoms:

· Fever;

· headache;

· body aches;

· tiredness;

· sore throat;

· cough;

· loss of smell or taste;

· runny nose.

If one or more of these symptoms occur, contact your family physician to schedule a Covid test or request it on the Aruba Health App https://covid19test.healthapp.aw

COVID-19 test

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