The Contact Tracing Team of the Department of Public Health urges to enter correct data in the Aruba Health App

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 24-09-2021.

ORANJESTAD – Frequently, the Contact Tracing Team in charge of calling the persons who tested positive for COVID-19 are confronted with incorrectly entered data in the Aruba Health App.

Aruba Health AppThese errors make communication between the team and patient impossible.

When taking a COVID-19 test, the person must enter and control immediately all the data entered in the Health App to ensure that they are correct, especially the telephone number and e-mail address.

The Contact Tracing team urges everyone to immediately isolate themselves after testing positive for COVID-19 and to be pending to receive their telephone call the next day. The Contact Tracing Team encounters many problems with persons who do not answer their phones and /or enter an incorrect telephone number in the Aruba Health App. The team will maximally call three times to contact the person, considering the considerable number of persons on their list to call every day.

When receiving a notification via e-mail that you tested positive for COVID-19, please follow all instructions stated in the mail and stay in isolation until a DVG representative contacts you the following day.

In case there is any change in your contact information, after testing positive, please send a mail to to inform the team. Otherwise, it is difficult for the contact tracing team to contact you to give you instructions during isolation and when you recovered from COVID-19.

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