The covid-19 vaccine now available for children 12 years and older

ORANJESTAD - Recently Aruba received the green light from the Dutch RIVM to go ahead with the vaccination of children ages 12 and older.

Initially, the plan was to vaccinate those in the age group of 12 to 16 years with an existing medical condition and higher risk for complications in the event they become infected with Covid19. However, due to the hi-efficiency and safety of the Pfizer vaccine, the Netherlands, Aruba, and other islands within the Dutch Kingdom received the green light from Pfizer to vaccinate children ages 12 and older without exceptions.

Despite the fact that in most cases, the symptoms caused by Covid19 in younger children are very limited, some children require hospitalization for extra care and some have even complained about having long-term effects caused by the virus.

By vaccinating a bigger part of the community, the possible spread is contained substantially including spreading at school, etc.

Covid-19 vacuna disponibel pa muchanan di 12 aña contra COVID-19For the vaccination of children between the ages 12 and 16, the parent or guardian of the child should register the child and request the vaccine by following the following:

  1. Create a profile of the child on the Aruba Health App including the required information
  2. Request the vaccine
  3. For children older than 16 years, this is enough.
  4. For those under the age of 16, the parent or guardian should request the vaccine online on and complete the form “solicita vacuna di covid-19- 12 pa 17 aña”
  5. In the event the parent or guardian does not have access to the internet or digital system, they can register the child by calling 280-0101 or in person at the Centro Libertador Betico Croes from Monday to Friday between 8:30 AM and 11:30 AM or at the office of the DVG located at the Caya Ing. Roland Lacle #4 during regular office hours.

The Department of Public Health is currently working on the next Vacunathon Youth Edition which will take place on July 10, 2021. More information will be published in due time. On the Vacunathon day, one parent or guardian should accompany the child receiving the Covid19 vaccine and in the event, the parents did not receive their vaccines yet, they can also register and receive this on the spot. For more information please visit www.dvg.awor follow us on Facebook or call 522-4200 or 280-0101.

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