The crisis team announces changes in the their policy

ORANJESTAD - Considering the latest developments of the pandemic, the crisis team has announced a few changes in their policies starting May 3, 2021.

Department of Public HealthThey are carefully easing some restrictions while trying to not jeopardize what is achieved so far. The entertainment business can now allow 3 musicians to perform together on stage instead of just 1 while dancing in public is still not permitted. The restriction implied for funerals has also been eased and there can now be 50 attendees at once instead of 10. The borders with India have been shut since the discovery of the Indian variant in Aruba. In Aruba, there has been one person identified with the Indian variant which was reason enough for the authorities to close the borders with India. They will closely monitor the situation.

In the meantime, the Department of Health (DVG) calls upon those who have not vaccinated yet, to do so as soon as possible. The more people vaccinated, the more the cases will go down, and the sooner the restrictions can be eased or even eliminated.

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