The deadline is approaching to complete the application for the Aruba Student Loan 2022.

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ORANJESTAD - The Department of Education Aruba (DEA) reminds all students currently in the process of qualifying for the Aruba Student Loan for August 2022, that the deadline to submit the required documents is July 17, 2022.

After this deadline, applicants will only qualify for the Student Loan for January 2023. The Study facilities unit of the DEA urges all students to submit their documents as soon as possible and not wait until the very last day. They can upload these documents on the portal of the Aruba loan (steps 6 to 11). 

Step 6 - Certified copy of diploma

Upload the copy of your diploma certified by the Department of Education Inspectorate (DIO). DIO certifies diplomas obtained in Aruba and is part of the education system legally regulated in Aruba. DIO is located at the John F. Kennedy Education Center at Stadionweg 37. Opening hours are from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm and from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. 

What do you need to bring to have the diploma certified?

  • Make a copy of your diploma and grade list.
  • To avoid mistaking the original with the copied version, make a copy of the diploma and grade list in A4 size in black and white. Do not make the copies on thick paper or in color ink.
  • When presenting at the DIO for certification, please bring the copy and original of the diploma and grade list.
  • DIO only certifies official diplomas and grade lists. It does not certify certificates of attended courses. 
  • The copy must be the same as the original. If the diploma has two sides, copy both sides as well, but in black and white. If the copy has a school stamp, discard it and make a new copy identical to the original.
  • Students of the EPI Economy unit need to bring all four grade lists, original and copy; 
  • Diplomas acquired internationally from the USA, Canada, Costa Rica, Colombia, etc. will undergo further investigation to verify their accreditation and acceptance in Aruba. If these programs are not accredited, the student should consult a notary.
  • Be aware that the DIO does not provide copy service; 
  • The number of copies that can be certified is three, and if the student is going to the Netherlands, the DIO can certify four copies.
  • If a GED-Diploma needs to be certified, please include the transcript.

Step 7 - Bank Account

Aruba student loan PortalThe students must also provide their bank account information. They must upload their personal (local) bank account information, preferably an “International Student Account”, at a local bank. If the bank requires students to show student proof of the Aruba Student Loan, they should request this at the Study Facility Unit at the DEA. This proof takes up to two office days.

Step 8 - Official proof of admission 

Students must submit official proof of admission to the school/education institution. The education institution must state in this letter or email that the student will attend school starting September 1, 2022. The letter or email must also indicate that the student was accepted. 

Step 9 - Proof of insurance 

Upload the proof of insurance on the Aruba student loan portal. For students studying in Aruba, please send a screenshot of the AZV app or a photo of a valid AZV card. Students leaving to countries other than the Netherlands should upload the insurance policy issued in the country where they are insured. This policy should clearly state the student's name and the valid insurance date. Students going to the Netherlands will receive their insurance policy in their email in the upcoming days.

Students traveling to the Netherlands before August 1 or 2, 2022, should get insurance valid until July 31, 2022. They can request it at Insure to Study (ITS), or any travel insurance. Some students already have travel insurance valid for two weeks.

Step 10 - Parents' contact information

Students must upload their parent's contact information on the Aruba Student Loan portal under the tab “Contactgegevens ouders”. If the students have no contact with their parents, they should indicate this in the section “reacties”. If both parents are deceased, the students should provide contact information of any other family member, including their relationship.

Step 11 - Student Loan Agreement 

The student should download the form “Overeenkomst tot geldlening”. Please print two copies of the agreement, fill and sign with a pen with blue ink. When completed and signed, scan or take a photo and upload it on the Aruba Student Loan Portal.

Declaration of Attribution

Once you completed steps 6 through step 11 and they are approved, the student will receive a Declaration of Attribution in his/her Aruba Student Loan portal. The student is required to submit two originals of the Declaration of Attribution together with two originals of the Student Loan Agreement at the Study Facility unit at the DEA at the John F. Kennedy Education Center located at Stadionweg 37. 

Please submit these no later than July 18, 2022. Once the unit Student Facility receives these documents, it takes about two to 3 weeks before students receive the payment transferred to their local bank account. Students leaving for the Netherlands will receive the money on their accounts before July 31, 2022.

More Information 

For more information, please send an email to or WhatsApp to +297 5944140 or visit and search for Arubalening (Portal) in the alphabetic search order. Students can follow the Department of Education Aruba on Facebook or Instagram @EducationAruba for the latest information. 

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