The deadline to pay motor vehicle tax is January 31. 2023

ORANJESTAD – The Tax Department reminds its customers that January 31, 2023, is the deadline to pay their motor vehicle tax for 2023.

Tax tariffs 

The motor vehicle tax amount for 2023 remains the same as in 2022, and those who do not remember the fee can find this on the motor vehicle registration form or the Tax Department App.

Building DIMPCost of the vehicle tag

Since there are no new license plates for 2023, you do not have to pay this fee. Only those registering a new vehicle and requiring a new license plate for Afl. 14,00 for the large license plate and Afl. 10,00 for small tags. The license plate for motorcycles is Afl. 10,00

Make payments

You can pay the motor vehicle tax at the head office of the Tax Department in Camacuri, MFA Noord, MFA Paradera, MFA Santa Cruz, MFA Savaneta, and at the auxiliary office located in the Post Office in San Nicolas. Payments at all locations of the Tax Department is exclusive with debit card. Cash payment is only possible for non-commercial individuals 60 years and older, but only at the Main office in Camacuri. You can only pay motor vehicle taxes for 2023 only if all motor vehicle taxes payments are up to date. You must pay outstanding vehicle taxes before paying for the 2023 vehicle tax.

Online bank payments

The recommendation is to use the "Bill Payment" option when paying online, as this is the easiest way to fill out the required information. Payments with the "Bill Payment" option will appear on the Tax Department account in one day when paying online via Aruba Bank, Banco di Caribe or Caribbean Mercantile Bank. Payments through other banks may take up to 5 business days to appear in the administration of the Tax Department. 

Starting car engineIndividuals who do not want to use the "Bill Payment" option, must provide more detailed information for the Tax Department to register the payment correctly. The individual should provide the following information: Personal number-tax period-license plate number, for example, 50001234-2023-A92345.

If you have an outstanding balance for vehicle taxes for previous years, payments for 2023 will automatically be processed to cover these first, and the remaining, if any, be processed for the 2023 tax year. Individuals who are paying multiple vehicle taxes online should do so for each license plate separately and cannot make one single payment all at once since this will cause a delay in the processing and allocating of the payments.

Online receipt request

Everyone paying online can request their receipts from the Tax Department. Followed by clicking on: Aanvraag kwitantie motorrijtuigbelasting. The Tax Department will send the requested receipt by email. 

Non-Compliance Penalty

Payments received after January 31, 2023, are late, including payments made on January 31, 2023, after the bank cut-off time, processed on the next day. For more information about the “cut-off time”, please consult your bank's website. All late payments are subject to a non-compliance penalty, a 50% fine on the unpaid amount.

Example: Full-year vehicle tax Afl. 300
                Half-year vehicle tax Afl. 150

Failing to make the Afl. 150,00 payment for the first half of 2023 will result in a non-compliance penalty of Afl. 75,00 making the amount owed for the first half of 2023 Afl. 225,00

The Tax Department urges its clients to make their vehicle tax payments as soon as possible and not wait until the very last moment. More information you will find here.  

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