The Department for Labor Progress (Departamento di Progreso Laboral - DPL announces change in its policy Labor Market Admission 2018

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ORANJESTAD –In connection with the amendment of the Civil Code of Aruba (AB 1989 no. GT 100) with effect from September 1, 2021, various changes came into effect in Aruba.

One of the changes in our Civil Code is the introduction of registered partnerships. With this change, DPL adjusted its policy Labor Market Admission 2028. What in the past was only applicable to married couples now also applies to registered partnerships.

The policy change

According to the law and policy, considers the DPL couples who have a registered partnership to have the same rights as married couples, when receiving a request for advice. When requesting advice from the DPL, registered partnerships have the rights and obligations as married couples. 

Departamento di Progreso Laboral - DPLThis entails:

  • Couples that fall under article 1 or 3 of the LTU also are eligible to get a notification letter from the DPL.
  • partners of persons who have a permit for an indefinite period (firma liber) a director’s license or highly skilled migrant or a person whose job is essential for the economy of Aruba. The couple must go through the procedure that starts at the DPL’s Labor mediation Re-entry department (Jobcenter). These persons may enter the local labor market only if they get a positive evaluation by the DPL, meaning that there are no objections for the person to enter the labor market.

If you have any questions, please call DPL at (297) 521-5555. 

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