The DIP will remain closed for the public until April 20, 2020

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ORANJESTAD - The Department of Infrastructure and Planning DIP is closed for the general public until April 20, 2020, due to the Shelter In place ordered by the Government to mitigate the Coronavirus crisis.

However, limited service are rendered online:

  1. Clients who have questions or petitions that cannot wait until April 20, 2020, can send these by email to
  2. If for whatever reason you became unemployed and are already in the process of signing of the Notary act, please send an email to to keep us informed.
  3. If you are in the Notary act process and your agreement has expired, please request an extension at
  4. Clients in the reservation phase and that are pending to receive the ground lease agreement and need to submit their drawings, DOW proof of submission, extract of the inscription in the Civil Registry (Censo paper) at DIP, can send these to before the expiration date of each request. Please include the notary information in the email.
  5. Extension of existing ground lease (60 years) will continue normally. (Provided that all the documents be at the notary already.) Those who have requested an extension but not received any contract yet will be contacted by the DIP once this is ready.
  6. All “precarios”(fee for the use of public land) are on hold due to the shelter in place.
  7. This year’s camping season has been completely canceled due to the Shelter in place and curfew.
  8. The submission of pre-reservation for the 2013 list and up will continue once the shelter in place is lifted.
  9. Soon the DIP and the Government will announce a new policy for ground lease. The primary sector will be encouraged first to jump-start the economy.
  10. All petitions for fisherman’ huts “Rancho” are being evaluated.
  11. Petitions to bulldoze terrains “Construction permit, Extension and Change of destination” are being processed but may be subject to delays due to the limitations caused by the shelter in place.
  12. The ROPV is in its final stages of being introduced. The introduction of the ROPV means sustainable development for our island with a diverse economy and in balance for future generations.

Despite the challenges with the Coronavirus, the DIP is convinced that this is the opportunity to redesign our island according to the vision of the 2019 ROP.

We encourage every citizen to abide by the instructions of the Government. Stay home and help flatten the curve so we can go back to normal as soon as possible.

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