The DPL reintroduces “Job market registration”

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ORANJESTAD - The Department of Labor Progress oversees three departments: Job placement and Reintegration (Jobcenter), Labor market registration (AMR), and the Admission Advice to the Labor Market (Admission).

The Labor market registration (AMR) works on the demand for personnel by employers (list of needed personnel) through the Labor Market Registration form completed by employers.

DPL uses this form to work on projects based on the demand and supply on the job market for the following year.

This is important for the DPL’s planning, as they can work with schools, education institutions, and employers to produce enough local employees. Without the approved form, the employer can not undertake the process of hiring according to the policies of the other departments within the DPL.


The DPL urges employers to complete the new Labor Market registration form correctly and as detailed as possible. There is always the possibility for changes on the list of employees needed, during the year. The changes can be made for projects that require more employees or for unanticipated special skilled employees, but these changes should be realistic.

The requirements are listed on a checklist on the first page of the registration form. Employers must meet all the requirements relevant to their labor sector to submit their forms and get approval.

New form

There are four different kinds of forms for the AMR based on the labor sectors:

You can find more information in the following document:

To submit the 2021 registration form, please request an online appointment by sending your email to Once the appointment date is set and the form submitted and everything is confirmed, the employer will receive proof of submission by email. This can take a bit more than 10 days. During this period the DPL can pay a visit to the requesting company for additional information. Once everything is confirmed and approved, the DPL will inform the client accordingly.

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