The fourth execution agenda for 2021 approved by Aruba and the Netherlands

ORANJESTAD - Aruba and the Netherlands once more officially agreed on the contents of the execution agenda 2021 for the trajectory of the Landspakket of Aruba.

The Prime Minister, Mrs. Evelyn Wever Croes, and State Secretary for the Interior and Kingdom Relations Mr. Raymond Knops, reached the agreement during a virtual meeting.

The fourth execution agenda for 2021 is the last for 2021. Aruba demonstrated that no matter the intensity of the challenges and workload, it complies with one of the essential conditions of the Landspakket. The Prime Minister is grateful to all the professionals who have gone above and beyond to reach this agreement. Aruba can be very proud of these professionals.

The fourth Execution Agenda 2021 includes many investigations that are ongoing or already finished. During this period, the authorities will do or have already done various consultation rounds with key actors based on the collaboration between Aruba and the Netherlands teams. The information provided in the Execution Agenda is a recap of all accomplishments. It serves to inform the community about the ongoing trajectory.

The efforts will continue in 2022, and this will result in the first Execution Agenda for 2022.

The Execution Agenda is a dynamic document that requires constant refinement after thorough collaboration between the partners.

The fourth execution agenda for 2021

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