The Government investigated allegations against Aruba Airlines

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 13-03-2020.

ORANJESTAD - Following the broadcast of the current affairs program of the Dutch Public Broadcasting (NPO), Nieuwsuur, on January 7, 2020, about Aruba Airlines, the member of Parliament Sneek (AVP) asked questions to the Prime Minister.

Among other things, Sneek wanted to know what the opinion of the government is about the allegations against Aruba Airlines and the Aruban government. The Government of Aruba considers allegations serious in nature. The airline has certainly denied the allegations. Nevertheless, the government has pointed out to the airline the importance of human rights and the compliance herewith. With regard to the alleged allegations against the government of Aruba, the Prime Minister replied that the TV program did not make any allegations against the Aruban government. 

Plane Aruba AirlinesThe Member of Parliament also requests an explanation of the corporate structure of Aruba Airlines. To this question, the Prime Minister answers that the company must meet the requirements of so-called "Substantial ownership" and "Effective control", which means that the company must be able to demonstrate at all times that more than 70% of the shares and the actual control in the company is in the hands of permanent residents of Aruba or of a legal entity created in accordance with the applicable legislation. The headquarters, operational control and registered office of the company must be located in Aruba. Aruba Airlines complies with the aforementioned applicable laws and regulations. For the rest, the parliament member is referred to the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce of Aruba.

The Member of Parliament also asked whether exceptions were made to the "border closure" and on what basis.

The national decree of May 10, 2019, in which the first border closure was announced has been replaced by the National Decree of May 22, 2019, which has since been extended several times. Currently, the National Decree is still in force until March 10, 2020. The ban on bilateral air traffic still exists, but some limited exceptions are allowed. This, for example, to offer the possibility that Arubans who are in Venezuela (and Venezuelans with an Aruban residence permit) can return to Aruba and Venezuelans who are in Aruba can return to their home country (both voluntarily and as deportees). This was established in the National Decree of May 22, no. 1.

The exceptions are only given by the Director of Aviation. 60 requests for exceptions have been made to the Director of Aviation. These requests were honored based on the National Decree of May 22, 2019.

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