The Government of Aruba installed a national and multi-disciplinary commission to revise the healthcare reform

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 02-03-2021.

ORANJESTAD - Since last year, Aruba is executing the order implemented by the Netherlands to cut 5 million florins monthly in healthcare amidst the raging pandemic.

One condition of the Netherlands for the approval of the second tranche of financial support is that Aruba must cut 5 million florins in healthcare each month. According to the Dutch authorities, this condition was to guarantee payment of the public employees, FASE, salary subsidy, financial aid for companies, but also to guarantee the stability of the AZV and SVb funds.

So far, the Netherlands was never able to substantiate the amount of 5 million florins per month. The Ministry of Public Health is very concerned about this unilateral decision, especially for the possible consequences these savings can have on the lives of many. The Ministry is working hard to convince the Netherlands to give Aruba leeway to handle this reform with stakeholders in healthcare. That is why the Government installed a national and multidisciplinary commission that will investigate and evaluate the current situation in Healthcare, to create a better way of reforming our healthcare, while guaranteeing the stability of the AZV funds.

The commission has multiple tasks it will disclose in the upcoming days.

The commission consists of members of the board of directors of the Aruba Nursing foundation, ImSan, FSMA Respaldo, SABA, HAVA, Aruba Medical Specialists Foundation, pharmacy Association, physiotherapist association, and hospital specialists association.

The Aruban government urges the Dutch Government to stop the cut of the 5 million florins in healthcare and awaits a positive reaction. 

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