The Governor visits Coast Guard and Police Station San Nicolas

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 20-06-2020.

ORANJESTAD - On Tuesday morning, May 19, the Governor of Aruba paid a working visit to the Coast Guard Support Center Aruba and the Police StationSan Nicolas. 

The focus of the visit was on the impact of the Corona virus (COVID-19) on the activities of these services.

Visit Governor Boekhoudt Coast GuardVisit Governor Boekhoudt Coast GuardAt the start of the visit, the Governor was received by the Head of the Coast Guard Support Point. After receiving a brief explanation of the current deployment of the Coast Guard in the Aruban waters, the Governor spoke with a number of Coast Guard employees and military personnel who are currently deployed for the Coast Guard. Due to the Corona virus, all maritime borders of Aruba are closed. As a result of this measure, only regulated shipping traffic has access to the islands. To maintain this, the Coast Guard has taken measures in the form of additional patrols on land and water. The Coast Guard is assisted in the execution by soldiers of the Aruban militia and of the 32 raiding quadron of Marine barracks Savaneta.

Visit Governor Boekhoudt Police Station San NicolasThen the Governor visited the San Nicolas Police Station. The Governor spoke here with several agents about their experiences during the Corona virus crisis. The measures make it quieter on the street, which means, among other things, that the activities of the police have a slightly different character. In the conversation, the agents further indicated that the measures that were announced a month and a half ago were not taken seriously by everyone at first. This may have been due to the fact that not everyone was sufficiently aware that there was a major risk to public health. Recently, however, the agents see that things are going much better. People are increasingly aware of what can and cannot be done, what risks the Corona virus entails for public health and what the effects are on society. Depending on developments, the deployment of KPA is determined day by day - and in consultation with the competent authority and partner organizations.

By means of telephone conversations and, if possible, working visits, Governor Boekhoudt informs himself about the consequences of the Corona virus outbreak and expresses his support and appreciation for the efforts of so many in the fight against the pandemic. Measures are taken in consultation with the organizations involved to allow working visits to take place in a safe manner.

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Visit Governor Boekhoudt Coast Guard   Visit Governor Boekhoudt Police Station San Nicolas

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