The implementation of the national statistical system advances

ORANJESTAD - The Minister of Economic Affairs, Communication, and Sustainable Development, Mr. Geoffrey Wever, is carrying out the National Statistical System project.

NSS has many benefits for a country and official statistics from a wider audience; the local and international public, private sector, academia, students, parliament, and government.

The implementation of the NSS requires sweeping legislation. It prompted the Council of Ministers to approve a work agreement with a Dutch lawmaking firm to assist Aruba in drafting the law for the NSS. Since the Department of Legislation and Legal Affairs has its hands full with other laws, and the legislative process for the NSS is enormous, a Dutch legislative agency with specific expertise is needed.

National Statistical System National Statistical System The government held a tender and invited three companies to submit a bid to create the law for NSS. They selected a company based on the best offer. This company will work with the Department of Legislation and Legal Affairs. The plan is to have the draft ready by the end of September and send it to the Advisory Board for assessment.

The NSS is a partnership between the Central Bureau of Statistics and other official statistical producers to guarantee a wide variety of official quality, relevant, and up-to-date statistical production and to have this as a basis for creating policy and sustainable development.  

“The NSS is an important instrument for everyone, both in their role as a citizen and in a professional role. Reliable data is important for a good underlying community. The NSS also contributes to good governance through responsible management. When government expenditures are backed by reliable data as a basis, government funds are used efficiently.

This prevents wastage of public funds, which leads to lower expenditure,” said the minister.

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