The key to reducing COVID-19 cases lays in the hand of the youth and adolescents

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 22-10-2020.

ORANJESTAD - According to the PAHO and UNICEF, the main promoter of Covid-19 in Latin America and the Caribbean, are the youth and adolescents.

One-third of the youth and adolescents in Latin America and the Caribbean think they are not at risk of contracting the virus, according to a recent survey by UNICEF. Aruba is no exception in this if we notice the data of all cases in Aruba. That is why we think that this group is the key to halt the spread of COVID-19. Data indicates that in the last week, most of the new cases included the younger group of Aruba. Data also indicates that the biggest age group of new cases is between the ages of 25 and 34, which is the best-informed group and most important group for the economic stimulation. Despite being well aware, this is the highest age group of new cases, although hospitalization is very low while the fatality within this age group is zero. Remarkable is those at higher risks, represent the least amount of cases, yet have the highest rate of hospitalization and fatalities registered. This clearly shows that the youth and adolescents are the ones bringing the virus to those of higher risk, but also spread the virus by keeping working while sick; keep socializing or not putting much effort to comply with the protection protocols or isolation when infected. 

It is for this reason that the Ministry of Public Health and the Department of Public Health (DVG) are making the community aware that people of all ages can be infected, while those at higher risk suffer the consequences. They urge the entire community, but in particular, the younger generation, to keep applying social distance, to wash hands properly, and to wear facemasks. The responsibility of the youth and adolescents is very important to keep those vulnerable in Aruba safe.

Bernt Aasen, UNICEF Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean said: “Not having the facts about the pandemic endangers the lives of youth and their families”.

Young people need to understand that for now, they need to limit the need to socialize. They need to postpone all social events including meetings of any size outside the household, including at homes of friends, in parks, restaurants, stores, beaches, or any other location. 

The call is for the younger people to become the force to stop the spread of the virus on Aruba. We are sure they can.

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