The Minister of Finance presented a budget amendment for the rest of the 2022 budget

ORANJESTAD - On August 31, 2022, the Minister of Finance, Mrs. Xiomara Maduro, presented an amendment for the remaining 2022 budget.

According to the budgetary cycle, before the year's end, the government presents a budget amendment to obtain approval from Parliament for the income and expenses changes during the fiscal year. This year the government accelerated the budgetary process following the latest advice of the CAFT and the threat of getting instruction from the Council of Ministers of the Dutch Kingdom.

Lowering the deficit to reduce debt

The Minister explained that the government carried out different exercises to reduce the deficit to lend less and make fewer debts to the country. The budgetary amendment reduced the deficit from 227 million to 148 million florins.

Overview budget amendment 2022Income rises with 47.1 million florins

With this change, the income of the 2022 budget increases by 47.1 million florins. The 2022 Year End Note contains specifications of the income changes, which are Dividend Tax, Landspakket, Wage Subsidy, and Foreign Exchange Commission.

Cost reduction with 16.6 million florins florins

Expenses, among other personnel, goods and services expenses, are reduced by 16.6 million florins.

Deficit reduction by 79.3 million florins

In the 2022 approved budget, the deficit was 227 million florins. With the amendment, it is now 148 million florins.
This change in the 2022 budget will go through the process to the Aruban parliament. 

The 2022 budget amendment law will go through its process before reaching Parliament. 

The government sends the draft law to the CAFT and the Advisory Council for advice. Once the government receives the advice, it will review and submit the 2022 budget amendment law to Parliament for approval. You will find more information on the 2022 budget in this document:

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