The Ministerial decree prohibits dogs being used to harass tourists

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 09-02-2020.

ORANJESTAD- Due to the constant nuisance by individuals walking the beach with dogs, trying to sell these to tourists or soliciting donations for the care of these dogs, the Minister of Justice, Safety and Integration, mr. Andin Bikker announced the decree banning dogs on the beaches designated as tourist areas.

The alternatives within the current law have been thoroughly studied since the existing laws are outdated.

Prohibition dogs on beachThere are two codes in the law, one being a Penal Codes, articles 2335 and 310, both applicable in this case, but there is also the dog ordinance, article 4 paragraph 3, which makes it possible to designate certain areas where dogs are not allowed. Minister Bikker announced that he addressed this issue and that the draft of Ministerial decree is already drawn up. The dog ban applies to the entire strip between the Divi Phoenix and the Ritz Carlton.

Exceptions may apply for:

• tourists traveling with dogs

• assistance dogs

• Dog shows at the hotels during International Animal Day

• Residents living near the strip who occasionally walk their dogs on the beach can request exoneration.

The goal of this decree is to stop individuals who use dogs to harass tourists in buying these or requesting funds for their care.

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