The new normal allows for reopening of schools. Infection among children is very limited

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ORANJESTAD – In a press conference held on May 14, 2020, The Prime Minister of Aruba announced the reopening of schools on May 18, 2020, only if they have their precautionary measures in place.

COVID-19 cases under children in Aruba The government does not force parents to send their children to school. However, the government has the responsibility and it is not justifiable to keep schools closed. Therefore, schoold will open with numerous precautionary measures.  

May 18 marks the start of the second Phase of the flexibilization of the measures to help contain COVID-19.

Data shows that in Aruba very few children under the age of 15 have been infected with COVID-19. Out of the 101 positive cases, there were no infections among children ages 0-4 years, only 2 infections among children ages 5-9, 5 positive cases of children between the ages 10 and 14 years, and absolutely no hospitalization of any of the infected children.

COVID-19 cases in Aruba The infection rate of children in Aruba is 4%, only 7 cases under children between 5 and 14 years compared to 96% of infections under adults.

Data from the WHO confirms that worldwide children are the least infected and if they do get infected the chances of complications are also very limited.

During a presentation on April 11, 2020 by Dr. Van Trigt representing the Association of Family physicians (HAVA), he indicated that the numbers are very favorable and confirms the fact that children are not very susceptible to getting infected easily with COVID-19.

Distribution COVID-19 cases per age and sex- WHO April 18, 2020All the infected children were infected at home by an adult with COVID-19. It is certain to say that the children did not infect any other person with the virus. This only confirms that the risk of infection among children is very low.

Based on the fact that the infections in Aruba are under control and that the virus is contained, the authorities found it right to reopen the schools. The reopening of the schools goes hand in hand with the precautionary measures to protect those vulnerable, both teachers as students.

Schools should follow the guidelines and regulations for hygiene;

  • Wash hands with soap and water;
  • Disinfect/ sanitize classroom structures, a.o. desks;
  • Cleaning: more often.
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