The revitalization plan for San Nicolas presented.

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 23-06-2023.

ORANJESTAD - Recently, the Minister of Economic Affairs, Communication, and Sustainable Development, Mr. Geoffrey Wever, and architect Ir. Raffy Kock presented the first drafts of an ambitious infrastructural revitalization plan for both parts of the main street in San Nicolas.

They gave a presentation to the San Nicolas Business Association, Mr. Nicolas Gordon of the Nicolas Store, Mr. Tito Bolivar of the Art Fair, and a   Department of Public Works DOW representative. 

Presentation revitalization plan for San Nicolas.Presentation revitalization plan for San Nicolas.After several brainstorming sessions with professionals and stakeholders, architect Raffy Kock drew up a concept for the center of San Nicolas. The emphasis is on ensuring that San Nicolas maintains its element and influence that makes it so unique while taking advantage of its natural support, such as the ocean, to enhance the whole area.

What stood out during the many rounds of consultation with stakeholders was that they all wanted the revitalization to lead to an investment climate for San Nicolas while at the same time improving the quality of life of residents. The design encompasses an area with all elements needed to live, recreate, and undertake work in a safe and beautiful environment and with access to various facilities and activities around.

Presentation revitalization plan for San Nicolas.Presentation revitalization plan for San Nicolas.Phase 1 of the San Nicolas revitalization includes family recreation areas and outdoor sports facilities.

“San Nicolas has many resources and opportunities to offer, many options, and many ideas on the table.
These are ideas to be considered with stakeholders and experts to define a model with the greatest possible socio-economic benefits for San Nicolas”, the minister stated.

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