The rights of nature to be added to the Constitution

ORANJESTAD - The Ministry of Transport, Nature, Integrity and Elderly Affairs, and the Department of Nature and Environment (DNM) worked on a draft law to add Nature's Rights to the Constitution.

Legislative process to embed natural rights in our Constitution.They created the draft law in consultation with several local and international organizations and experts. After the first dialogue with Parliament and the Council of Ministers, they submitted the draft to the Legislation and Legal Affairs Department (DWJZ) on 21 April 2023.

After review of the draft, they will check the quality and efficiency of the legislation and initiate the consultation process with stakeholders, who will have the opportunity to dialogue and provide feedback. Stakeholders include Parliament, environmental organizations, commerce, and lawyers. With the community's involvement, the government creates a solid foundation for the law concept, which would be a significant achievement for the community.

Landscape AubaThe Advisory Council (RvA) is the government body that advises the government on proposed laws. The office of Minister Arends, the DNM, and the DWJZ will, if necessary, adjust the draft law based on suggestions from the stakeholders submitted to the Advisory Board.

The amended draft, including the advice of the RvA, will be sent to Parliament for review, consultation, and reply by the minister in preparation for the public meeting on this Act.

The legislative process to include nature's rights in the Constitution ends in Parliament. At least wo-thirds of the members should support it, as constitutional amendments require two-thirds of the vote.

Recognizing the rights of nature in our legal system is a fundamental step towards protecting our planet's ecological integrity preserving Aruba's wildlife, and ensuring a sustainable future for future generations.

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