The University of West Florida hopes to receive Aruba students for the 2020-2021 University year

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 12-06-2020.

ORANJESTAD - Recently the Minister of Education and Sustainability signed an MOU with the University of West Florida, located in Pensacola, Florida.

Campus University of West Florida (UWF)This collaboration agreement provides 5 spots for Aruba students to attend the 2020-2021 school yeat at a special rate equivalent to what US residents would pay called “instate-tuition fee”. The UWF is willing to evaluate and eventually increase the amount of Aruba students that would qualify for the instate-tuition fee special, based on the success of the agreement. The special fee is USD 5500,00 per year. Additionally, the UWF demands all students to live on their campus and have insurance. The average cost of these is about USD 9500 per year. This is a total of USD 15.000 per year, less than what students wanting to study in the USA are eligible for, according to the rules of the Aruba loan.

Requirement to be eligible for a Latin American and Caribbean Scholarship Eligibility (LAC). The UWF currently does not have any Aruba students and is offering the opportunity to Aruba students. Pensacola is located in the outmost western part of Florida and has about 13.000 students. They are well known for smaller and personalized classes. Recently the Plenipotentiary Minister of Aruba based in Washington, Joselin Croes, spoke to Rachel Hendrix, Director of the UWF International Department, and was informed that so far 1 student from Aruba applied while they are still hoping to get more applications.

Campus University of West Florida (UWF)It is important to notice that the UWF is not the only education institution offering reduced fees to Aruba students. Aruba has agreements since last year with Wayne State College in Nebraska who has 1 Aruba student attending, University of South Carolina, and Coastal Carolina University in South Carolina with multiple Aruba students attending for a couple of years already. Aruba also has collaboration agreements with Canadian Universities like Brescia University, Seneca College, Niagara College, Bishop’s University, Centennial College, and Carleton University, also with Aruba students attending. Application for these Universities should be completed on their respective websites. Students for the Universities in Florida should apply for the reduced fees on the site’s Latin American and Caribbean Scholarship section.

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