The World Bank presents its food security report in connection with COVID-19

ORANJESTAD – Recently, the economist Rendell de Kort, Adviser at the World Bank presented the World Bank report on Food Security before and after the pandemic, to the Council of Ministers of Aruba.

The World Bank presents its food security report in connection with COVID-19 to the Council of MinistersThe Minister of Transport, Communications and Primary Sector, Mr. Chris Romero, also held a meeting with Mr. de Kort and Mrs. Nathalie Maduro, The director of the Santa Rosa/DLVV, about the food security research the World Bank is preparing for Aruba.

The research is part of the technical assistance program for the financing of disaster risks on the islands and Caribbean territories. The objective of the technical assistance is to improve resilience on a long-term basis, as well as the adapting capacity in extreme and frequent natural events in the benefit of those more vulnerable.

Food security repor World Bank   The project as research and strategic planning are part of the program financed by the European Union's Sustainable Energy and Marine Biodiversity Program RESEMBID, implemented by Expertise France, World Bank, and Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR).

The imposed restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 made it impossible for the World Bank to visit Aruba to attend the meetings in person. However, it held multiple virtual consults with the help of Mr. de Kort.

Mr. de Kort explained the work being prepared by the team of the World Bank in cooperation with the Department of Economic Affairs, Commerce and Industry, who served as the focal point, and the Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Fishery. All of this is in line with the Government's vision and plans, for the fortification of food security as a primary element to achieve a strong and developing structure in the primary sector in Aruba.

The World Bank presents its food security report in connection with COVID-19 to the Council of MinistersDuring the pandemic, Minister of Economy Xiomara Maduro requested the World Bank to help make a "rapid assessment" about the food security in Aruba before and after the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal is to make sure there is enough food during the COVID-19 pandemic and to receive recommendations from the World Bank on what steps to take to guarantee food supply in a secured way after the pandemic. The World Bank recommends the development of agriculture in Aruba based on two economic pillars; invest in commercial-scale through startups and promote micro-investments like a back yard or rooftop gardening.

The report with all of the recommendations is available on:

The Council of Ministers requested the Department of Economic Affairs and the Santa Rosa to work jointly on a plan to execute these recommendations as soon as possible. Agriculture is one of the six promising sectors for the diversification of our economy. With regional cooperation and new technology, the chances for commercial stocks and food security for Aruba are possible.

Minister Xiomara Maduro is thankful to the World Bank and the team of the Department of Economics and Santa Rosa together with Mr. de Kort for this important job done during the pandemic.

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