Tips for a Merry Christmas!

ORANJESTAD – The Department of Public Health DVG provides some tips to have a relaxed and healthy Christmas during the pandemic of Covid-19.

These tips may apply at home:

  • You can have guests come over but limited in numbers. Avoid agglomeration, especially in closed locations with poor air circulation.
  • Try to engage more with those living in your household and opt for Digital resources like Zoom, video calls, or WhatsApp to celebrate with other family members and friends.
  • Try spreading your guests throughout the day to avoid agglomeration at once. 
  • Schedule your guests with plenty of time between to avoid crossing over into each other.
  • When possible sit outside where it is safer. Good air circulation can avoid the spreading of Covid19. While sitting outside, precautions should still be taken.
  • Have your set- up ready for when your guests arrive, so they can apply the 1,5-meter physical distance at all times. Plan when and where your guests will sit.
  • Be attentive and correct those who do not comply with the rules.
  • Have plenty of soap and hand sanitizer available at home to guarantee hygiene and stop the spread of the virus.

Tips to have a relaxed and healthy Christmas during the pandemic of Covid-19.

Here are some tips for shopping:

  • If possible shop online. Take advantage of delivery services if possible.
  • Purchase in advance and avoid last-minute shopping.
  • Do not go out shopping with other family members unless highly necessary to avoid agglomerations.
  • Going to church is also important, but caution should be practiced at all times.
  • Comply with the maximum amount allowed at church. Practice all preventive measures.
  • Use face masks and keep distance off at least 1,5 meters from others at all times.
  • Preferably follow the church service/ mass on TV or online.

Only if we comply with the rules and take care during Christmas, we can celebrate New Year peacefully and healthy. Be careful; take care of yourself and others #ArubaTaContaCubo

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