Traveling soon? Check validity of Dutch passport in time!

ORANJESTAD - The summer vacations are approaching: a period during which many residents of Aruba will be traveling abroad with their families.

It is important that the required travel document, the passport, is valid during the outward and return trip. The Civil Registry Office (Censo) and the Cabinet of the Governor of Aruba therefore advise all Aruban residents with the Dutch nationality to timely check the validity of the Dutch passport and to take immediate action if necessary. In this way extra costs are avoided and it is also prevented that a trip cannot take place because of the lack of a valid passport.

Applying for a Dutch passport

Residents with a Dutch passport who discover that it is about to expire or has already expired should make an appointment at Censo as soon as possible to apply for a new passport. The cost for this is AWG 176.- for persons 18 years and older and AWG 120.- for persons up to 18 years of age. It takes an average of 3 weeks for the new passport to arrive.

Double costs: new Dutch passport + emergency passport

PassportResidents with a Dutch passport who are going to travel and discover that their passport has expired or will expire during the trip, may in exceptional cases apply to the Cabinet of the Governor of Aruba for an emergency passport. There must be a demonstrable urgent reason to travel and a number of additional conditions must be met. The person must also realize that the new Dutch passport must first be applied for at Censo before the application for an emergency passport can be submitted at the Cabinet of the Governor. This means that double costs will be incurred: the costs for a new Dutch passport (AWG 176,- for persons aged 18 and older and AWG 120,- for persons up to the age of 18) and the additional costs for an emergency passport (AWG 110,-). To avoid double costs, everyone is advised to check whether their Dutch passport is still valid and to renew it in time. It is each traveler's own responsibility to make sure they have a valid passport. Censo and the Cabinet of the Governor are not liable if a trip cannot take place because of the late receipt of the Dutch passport or emergency passport.

Photo: © Cabinet Governor Aruba 

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