UNOCA announces the sale of “BaluArte; the documentation of our cultural pillars”

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ORANJESTAD - The second edition of the book BaluArte is on the market.

In this book, they documented the history of persons and organizations that significantly contributed to the cultural development during the past 65 years in Aruba.

Book BaluArte; the documentation of our cultural pillarsDocumentation of our cultural history

BaluArte contains information among others of the authors of the national anthem Aruba Dushi Tera, created by Padu Lampe, Rufo Wever, and Hubert Booi.

Other cultural contributors also share their stories in this book, and every article is complemented with a variety of photographs to relive the past. The book also contains the history of some NGOs that for many years have been actively involved with cultural development, like Cas di Cultura, Scol di Musica Rufo Wever, and UNOCA.

BaluArte is on sale

The first edition was published in June 2019 while the second edition was recently printed in January 2020. The second edition is available at the office of UNOCO located at the Stadionweg 21 and costs AWG. 55,- Due to the ongoing precautions cash payment is not optional. Books can only be purchased by online transfer to the bank account of UNOCA at Aruba Bank account# 510470818

Book fund 

Please call UNOCA at 582 0108 or 583 5681 from 8:00 am and 4:00 pm once payment has been completed or send proof of payment by email to to make an appointment for book pick up.

The Minister of Finance, Economic Affairs, and Culture, Mrs. Xiomara Maduro announced that soon all participants and collaborators of this historic documentation “BaluArte” will receive their copy of the book. The National Library will also receive a copy of BaluArte.

A perfect gift.

This book is ideal for literature lovers, collectors of books produced in Aruba, those in the artistic and cultural world, and the next generations. Do you want to give someone a special present that will be greatly appreciated, then this book is certainly an excellent choice.


Minister Maduro is very grateful to all individuals and organizations that somehow contributed to making this book a reality, especially Mrs, Maria Teresa Madariaga for the original visuals.

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