Upcoming CBS surveys

ORANJESTAD - On Monday, January 9, 2023, Minister Geoffrey Wever, responsible for data collection and statistics, signed three Ministerial Decrees for the Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS) to initiate three surveys.

In January, CBS will continue with the Tourism Expenditure Survey, Cruise Tourism Survey, and Outbound Tourism Survey. These surveys produce essential data providing a detailed overview of the tourism market. CBS surveyors are conducting these surveys under the tourists visiting Aruba upon arrival at the airport and the Port of Call. They also conduct surveys among Aruba residents who recently traveled abroad.

The “Tourism Expenditure Survey” and the “Cruise Tourism Survey” provide information about the spending pattern, the satisfaction level of the tourist when visiting Aruba, and the characteristics of the tourists that visit Aruba. In addition to the information collected about the tourists, it is also essential to understand the spending pattern at tourist attractions by residents who travel abroad. The data collected is relevant for stakeholders related to the tourist market, especially the Ministry of Tourism, the AHATA, and ATA. It is relevant information for the private sector and the Government in monitoring and developing policy.

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