Update Covid-19 November 16, 2020.

ORANJESTAD - During a press conference held by the Government on November 16, 2020, the Prime Minister of Aruba, Mrs. Evelyn Wever Croes provided a summary of the latest developments of the Covid19 virus in Aruba.

The Prime Minister stated that on November 16, 2020, Aruba had 89 active covid-19 cases. Exactly two months ago, on September 16. 2020, Aruba reached its peak with 1640 active coronavirus cases. For now, Aruba has a daily average of nine new cases, which is a manageable amount. It also indicates that the virus is indeed still present and active on the island and that these nine average cases can spread to others. The positive rate, which is the percentage of daily tests performed versus daily positive cases is 9% for local persons who took the test.

Let’s comply with the COVID-19 measures“Currently, there are 10 patients hospitalized, including 3 in the ICU and we wish them a speedy recovery and for them to be soon back at home with their loved ones. This is going well. We have the number of cases under control and should not forget that we have 44 citizens who lost the battle against Covid19. Let us keep taking care to limit the fatalities which already caused pain and suffering for the families of these 44 deceased persons” the Prime Minister stated.

The Prime Minister thanked the front-liners who take care of the health of our community and those who enforce public order who are out there exposing themselves continuously to the risks.

“They do this with determination, courage, and love for their jobs. On behalf of the Government of Aruba I thank you for this”.

The Prime Minister expressed her wish for the community to have less active cases by the end of the year so we can celebrate the holidays surrounded by family, with the same warmth we are used to. Even though the celebration will not be like before where families and friends came together, but if possible we will keep most of our traditions. To achieve this everyone has to be disciplined.

“It’s not the most powerful and rich countries that are successful in handling this virus, but those who are the most disciplined. Here we proved that we can. Let us keep taking care and abide by the safety protocols. Wash your hands frequently and use hand sanitizers, keep social distancing, do not shake hands, do not hug, and do not greet with kisses. Keep distance, wear face masks were mandatory, mostly inside. If you have any symptoms, please call your family physician for guidance” the Prime Minister emphasized at the end.

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