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ORANJESTAD – On November 9, 2020, the Prime Minister of Aruba, Evelyn Wever-Croes provided some information about the current Covid19 situation in Aruba.

Let’s comply with the COVID-19 measures – during the weekendLet’s comply with the COVID-19 measures – At home, at work and when you go outThe Prime Minister announced that evening press conferences with the Crisis team where they provided updates on Covid-19 were canceled. For the time being, any Covid-19 related information will be provided during the weekly scheduled government press conferences.

 According to the Prime Minister, the extra measures taken provided great results, cases have dropped significantly and it all seems to be under control. For now, the second wave that started in August has been dominated. The second wave started at the beginning of August and reached its peak with 1630 active cases on September 16. On October 1, the active cases were 644 and these dropped even further to 155 active cases on November 1, 2020. On November 8, there were still 176 active cases. The government managed to crush the curve and aims to flatten the curve. Active cases are now below 200 persons. In total Aruba had 4606 active cases since March 13, 2020, of which most recovered.

Let’s comply with the COVID-19 measures – Was your hands frequentlyThe government managed to crush the curve with drastic measures, like the curfew, which later changed into a zone prohibition. Quarantine and isolation cases were strictly managed. Establishment not complying with the safety regulations were closed by the authorities, facemasks became mandatory when inside establishments.

Let’s comply with the COVID-19 measures – Follow the arrows and indications“Many are tired of this situation, but as long as there is no vaccine, we should all be cautious, we need to be careful because one mishap can result in the loss of control. It is important to keep our guards up because despite having crushed the curve, the number of patients hospitalized and the number of fatalities so far give a different perspective. We still have patients in the hospital and the intensive care unit, and so far 41 fatalities, which is something very painful”, the Prime Minister, said.

Let’s comply with the COVID-19 measuresThe Prime Minister emphasized the importance to continue all the effort to avoid more fatalities. We have to take care of ourselves and of those that are vulnerable. We need to follow the hygiene protocols, like frequent hand washing, use of hand sanitizer, social distancing, not shake hands or greet with kisses, and correct use of face mask covering mouth and nose. If you have any symptoms, stay home and call your healthcare provider for guidance. The Prime Minister emphasized that we are entering the phase to reactivate our economy and to learn to live with Covid-19. We need to learn to deal with Covid-19 from the moment we wake up until we go back to sleep. Carelessness can make us lose grip on the current situation. We are not out of the woods yet, that is why it is important to keep protecting themselves.

Last weekend, a great number of flights arrived, however not like pre-Covid-19, but it provides optimism that we are on the right track. The better we protect ourselves, the more we can focus on the reactivation of the economy and the welcoming of tourists. This catalyzes the development of our country. Let us be disciplined and show our hospitality, as these are the keys to our success.

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