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Dit item is gearchiveerd op 16-04-2021.

ORANJESTAD - The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) provided an update of the post counting of the Censo2020 which started on March 3, 2021.

Census 2020By March 7, the CBS has visited 1572 homes and counted 4260 persons.

The post counting is done by 75 pollsters who visit addresses of those who did not participate in the Censo2020. The objective is to have a complete count of every individual in Aruba by the end of March 2021.

Update Post counting Censo 2020The CBS is kindly asking for the cooperation of those who have not yet participated in the Censo2020 and to provide all required information accordingly when visited by a pollster. In the event no one is home when a pollster visits the address, they will leave a card with a contact number. Please contact the number on the card or contact the CBS for an appointment.

The CBS also urges the community to treat the pollsters with respect and courtesy, as they are working hard to finish the Censo2020 and to have the entire population counted. It is now, more than ever, important to have a good overview of the current developments in Aruba to be able to plan using real and dependable data.

This is the only way to make short-term and long-term plans. For additional information please contact the CBS at 524-7433, during regular office hours or send an email to census2020@cbs.aw

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