Vaccination is an act of love!

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ORANJESTAD – In connection with the National Vaccination CampaignThe Department of Public Health (DVG) and the Ministry of Health of Aruba launch the phase of health promotion regarding the fight against COVID-19 on our island.

The goal continues to be herd immunity and vaccination for the different groups in our community to vaccinate.

At this moment, an average of 55% of our community (0-100 years) is vaccinated. Therefore, we have to continue to emphasize the importance to vaccinate. If more people in Aruba vaccinate, there will be fewer infections with complications and less probability of hospitalization and death. 

Vaccination is an act of love!Covid-19 coronavirus vaccineAccording to the actual figures, the most vulnerable age groups because of a low vaccination rate are persons between 12 and 44 years (most active cases) and also people 80 years and older. 

The appeal is to these age groups, but also to those who are not vaccinated as yet. Please be aware that the Pfizer that Aruba is administering is giving results. According to local data, the majority of persons hospitalized with complications due to COVI-19 are not vaccinated. Hence, it causes more measures in our community with its corresponding consequences, extra medical costs, a negative international image, and considerable social, emotional, and economic pressure.

Vaccination is not only an act of solidarity and joint responsibility, where no one can stay behind but also an act of love for you, your family, and your country!

Please do not hesitate anymore: VACCINATE!

Hospital admissions and death.

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