VacunaTHON #4 successful

ORANJESTAD – On Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 September 2021, the Department of Health and SVb organized another successful vaccination marathon (VacunaTHON) at the Ritz Carlton Hotel

The total amount of registered vaccines:

  • 835 - first dose;
  • 1,851 - second dose.

Total persons vaccinated: 2,686. 

Aruba is well on its way to control the virus.

We have to continue to comply with all the safety, hygiene precautions, but also people must continue to vaccinate.

Vaccination is not only an act of solidarity and joint responsibility, where no one can stay behind but also an act of love for you, your family, and your country!

Please do not hesitate anymore: VACCINATE!

VacunaTHON #4 successful.

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