Vehicle Tax can be paid partially before June 30, 2021

ORANJESTAD – The Tax Department reminds vehicle owners that the deadline for payment of their vehicle tax for the first half of 2021, is June 30, 2021.

To facilitate their customers, the Tax Department has introduced a partial payment service last November. This provides clients with the option to pay their vehicle tax in advance and in installments to provide some sort of relief from the financial burden of paying their vehicle tax at once.

Payment motor vehicle taxThe payment conditions:

  • Vehicle tax should be paid in advance;
  • Payments are monthly;
  • The minimum amount allowed to be paid monthly in installments is Afl. 50 or Afl. 200 (depending on the vehicle tax category)
  • Payments cannot be under fl. 50 unless the final payment is less;
  • The last payment should be completed on the last indicated date.

The partial payment service is only applicable for vehicle tax. The minimum monthly amount depends on the vehicle tax category.

The following amount applies per vehicle tax category:

Vehicle tax category  Minimum monthly amount due

A, V, MFA, MFV, TR, V, B (small bus), AG, BR, GAR,

Afl. 50

B (large bus) Personalized vehicle tags DT, O, T

Afl. 200

Payments can be made now

Contributors who have not yet paid their vehicle tax for the second half of 2021 do not have to wait until the very last moment to pay it in one payment but can start paying in installments. Payment for the first half of 2021 can still be paid in 2 installments. The deadline is June 30, 2021.

Building Tax DepartmentOnline Banking

Payments can be made using online banking of their bank, using the “Bill Payment” option.

For proper processing of online payments, please include:

  • Person number of the person to whom the car is registered to.
  • Vehicle Tag number
  • Payment period (example: July-December 2021)

Payments can also be made at the main office of the Tax department in Camacuri, any of the MFA’s, and the branch in the Post Office building in San Nicolas.

Pay on time

With the installment payment service, contributors have ample time to pay their vehicle tax without risking administrative penalties of 50% on top of the owed taxes. Failing to pay on time will result in the penalty being automatically included on the vehicle tax bill for the second half of 2021 and will show on July 1 2021 on the bill. In this case, the customer will receive an additional invoice.

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